leveling wow 120

The “Battle for Azeroth” expansion raises the bar of the maximum level by 10. Because of this, many users are beginning to prepare for leveling 110-120. With the “Legion” was the same situation and the most rapid versions of the leveling appeared after the expansion. Initially, players are stocked with active items that will help reduce the time spent on grinding. This list is headed by heirloom armor to increase the amount of incoming experience. Additional 10% for killing monsters can be obtained from Ribbon Dance and “Darkmoon Top Hat”. If you leave the characters to rest in the tavern or the capital of the faction, then there will be a bonus in the form of double experience for killing enemies. The latest items on this list include the “Checkered Flag” and the ” Draenic Swiftness Potion”. They provide the ability to move faster.

The leveling started on the Broken Isles in Azsuna, then there was a transition to Var’sharah, Stromheim, and Highmountain. In each location, the main missions (15-17k experience) and additional (the same number on average) were performed, if possible. The story of each territory ended up with a task in the dungeon with a reward of 120-140k experience. Grinding took up to 20 hours of real time. There was a shorter path if you performed tasks from random events called “Legion Invasion”. They took 9-10 levels for 12-16 hours.

In the addition of “Battle for Azeroth” leveling wow 120 will take 20-30 hours with a slow grind. Such information comes from the beta test.

To reduce this number to 10-15 it follows:

  • Pre-stock up with the items mentioned – they will not lose their usefulness;
  • Complete the storyline in the locations with a further campaign in the dungeon. Such a scheme will remain and in fact, worked in the “Legion” expansion.
  • New events “Warfronts” can become a substitute for “Invasion of the Legion”. This is a skirmish with the NPC enemy faction in groups of 20 people. Includes the construction of buildings and different tasks. If the amount of experience equals “Invasion of the Legion”, then “Front” will be the fastest way to level up.

Leading archetypes have not changed since the leveling WoW 110 in speed and simplicity. Developers in the “Battle for Azeroth” add-on will emphasize the uniqueness of classes due to their skills, which will affect the location of forces when mastering content level 120.

It will have no effect on leveling process, but because the leaders remain:

  1. Warlock or Hunter in any specialization. High damage to one target or more, pets are tanked, giving the opportunity to calmly use skills.
  2. Paladin “Retribution”, Warrior “Protection.” Archetypes with excellent defense indicators, in a battle, restore their health. They collect huge packs and keep aggression on themselves.
  3. Death Knights and Druids. They are universal in nature because of the availability of different specializations. The Death Knight has no obvious negative quirks, plus a large base dps. The druid can adapt to the situation at the expense of forms.