Master Your Lineage 2 Classic

Adena l2 classic na is an online game that has the type of MMORPG and of course, this online game can be accessed throughout the world. This online game is very popular with gamers from all over the world. In fact, millions of people have downloaded and played this online game. However, in the game, the purpose of this online game is to make our character the strongest and have a lot of money or commonly called Adena. Adena is the currency in this Lineage 2 Classic online game. This online game developer also provides options for players to be able to quickly raise the level of their character by buying the package offered. This package can be in the form of buy Adena classic, armor, and other items. Now, to have great character, we can carry out a mission at the beginning of our play. By carrying out the mission, we will get a faster experience that is certainly more than killing monsters. Make sure we can complete all missions. Usually, if we can do all the initial missions, we can reach level 40 quickly. Then what else can we do to make our character fiercer?

Collect Monster Core When No Quest

After you pass the 2-7 That Individual main quest, you will open a new content called Monster Codex. To fill the Monster Codex, you have to fight a Field Boss monster that only appears about 3 minutes after he is defeated, and gets an item called Monster Core. The object is unique for each boss, so you have to hunt specific monsters to get it. Why do we recommend that you fill the Monster Codex? Because every time you enter a Monster Core, the level of the codex monster will go up, and you will get additional statistics for your character, permanently! A cool way to get it, because it only appears after a few minutes have passed, is to place your character on the boss point to appear and leave your character to fight alone. So, you can do other things like learning, working, or helping your wife cook.

Prepare for the End Game

Although this game has many dungeons and Raid Battle, the End Game content actually lies in the fight of Player Versus Player (PVP). The battle to seize the castle involving 30 players against 30 players is the content that Lineage II Classic is proud of. Therefore, you should also prepare for the content. The best preparation is to get a variety of weapons, armor, and accessories with PVP effects. Keep in mind that only grade A and top combat equipment have additional effects. The effect you need to look for is reducing damage received from other players, giving extra attacks to other players, or being able to heal themselves when the enemy is hit by your weapon attack. The type of equipment, of course, cannot be obtained from ordinary quests, and you have to jump into the Arena or Dungeon Equipment. You can also get it from buying Summon Box and l2 Adena classic at the Shop.

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