FIFA 19: Tips For Beginners

As we are used to, EA releases a new FIFA every year. With it, players have to launch a new Ultimate Team no matter how hard they have been working on their previous year’s FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team).

Luckily for you and thanks to Origin Premier, we have been working 10 days before the start of FIFA 19 to create guides and collect tips that will help you establish your FUT right and prepare you for the latest features.

So, what changed since last year?

Well, one thing for sure didn’t change: FIFA Coins. Coins are still fundamental in Ultimate Team. However, you can easily run out of it either by wasting it on contracts or fitness items.

We understand your struggle. Hence, our team of UT experts at FIFA Coins will help you start your game without wasting precious coins in vain. Here are our tips for your Ultimate Team’s ultimate success.


EA has worked on the tutorials at the beginning of each UT. These tutorials unlock some valuable rewards. Although they may seem small, they are crucial at the beginning. As you start your Ultimate Team journey, this simple trick will save you many coins on consumables.

There are a lot of other new features to get your head around. Putting some little efforts through it at the start will set you through the early hours.

The challenges are pretty simple and intuitive for any beginner.


Buying The FIFA Coins Boosts From The Catalog

Another pivotal step at the beginning is buying FIFA coins boosts from the catalog. The coins boosts can be up to 1500 per match. This can be an excellent start if you are just designing your UT.

Play squad battles

It is true that an offline mode can be the least appealing in FIFA Ultimate Team. Yet,  playing squad battles will enable you to make a decent profit at the beginning of each week, making it an awesome beginner’s mode.

Playing a few games will easily set you in Gold 1 or even Elite 3/2/1 with impressive rewards, including packs and coins.

Fitness Teams

Making a fitness team is extremely useful to save up on fitness items. Especially that these can cost up to 1400 coins. After a few games and earning some packs through squad battles, you will shortly find yourself flooded with many fitness items.

Once you create a fitness team on your main team, you will bench the other teams in no time. This will allow you to always maintain one team fully fit. You can then sell your fitness items and make some extra profit.

Overpowered Cheap Players

When creating your Ultimate Team, you will have no choice but buy cheap players, unless you have some insane pack luck. Some of these players play at a higher level than their stats suggest (e.g., Gueye, Fred, Partey, and Filipe Anderson).

An overpowered cheap squad at the beginning can be highly competitive even in online modes like division rivals and weekend leagues.

The Role Of Team Chemistry and Chemistry Style

The trick here is to make sure your team has 100 chemistry, and all your players are at 10 chemistry. You can explore that on your squad by clicking right on your right analog.

Having players at lesser chemistry will decrease their in-game stats and lead to a negative impact on how they will perform.

In 2019, EA is showing the chemistry effect on each player. You can check that out by navigating on the player’s details on Players Attributes.

OTW (Ones to watch) Investment

Otw investment at the right time is a low-risk high reward. For example, at the beginning of this FIFA, I got an OTW Filipe Anderson for around 70k on PC. I later managed to sell him at 450k. That’s some good business, huh?

Building Good Defense Methods

Defense is key in FIFA 2019. Thus, very difficult. For this reason, we are dedicating a full article to cover it in detail.

But in a nutshell, you should never drag your defenders out of position. You will come to regret it soon enough after. Always press the jockey button to face the attackers. It makes tackling more efficient. Besides, you don’t have to run all the time unless you are chasing a winger.